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Mod2 is an office automation software developed specifically for Wholesale Textile and Garment Importers, Converters, and Manufacturers. Check out below some of the highlights of our software:


Textile Importers
Fabric Converters
Yarn Importers
Home Furnishing

  • SKUs are by Style and Color
  • Keeps inventory by ROLL detail
  • True Costing and Inventory Aging
  • Detailed Revision History
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Garment Packagers
Apparel Importers
Domestic Manufacturers

  • Ability to manage items per size
  • Ability to manage garment cost sheets
  • Supports multiple inventory images
  • Can generate barcodes on stickers and forms
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Great features you'll love.

With over 30 years of continuous development guided by close relationships with our customers, these are some among many great features that are constantly being used:

Single Decision Screen

The "Single Decision Screen" (SDS) is Mod2's transaction display screen wherein it gives the user access to everything that is related to that transaction. Whether it's the displaying the client, changing the items, printing forms, history, EVERYTHING!

Security Rights

We treat user security access with utmost importance. Mod2 can set restrictions on users based on their role in the company. Whether they are managers, production staff, salespeople, or warehouse personnel, Mod2 has the ability to hide or show information or menus such as cost and/or selling prices, customer or supplier names, adding/displaying/voiding of transactions, and so much more.

Integrated Website

Having a business website nowadays is essential in showcasing your products and services. But having a website integrated to your software is like a dream for business owners. In Mod2, it's a reality! Mod2 has the ability to produce websites with different modes of operation such as Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Business-to-Supplier, and a lot more, without having a dedicated personnel managing just your website.

Revision History

One of Mod2's strength is to keep detailed records of everything that is happening within the software. Every transaction, every client, every item, keeps a record of what we call a Revision History. The screen will show you the user and the date/time the record was added, changed, printed, etc.

Barcode Capable

Mod2's barcoding technology gives you the edge in the textile and garment industry. We produce and acquire "REAL-TIME" data on the barcode devices and is applied to multiple functions such as checking of inventory, packing rolls of fabric, taking orders at trade shows, getting proof of deliveries, and a lot more.

Free Updates

Yes! It's free! We constantly improve Mod2 so that our clients can have the best experience in using the system as well as being up-to-date with the latest tools in the industry.


How it works?

Our Mod2 Enterprise App is free and available to download on your iOS devices. Please check below on how to set it up.


Tap on the link below to download.
Mod2 Enterprise


Go to iPhone SETTINGS, GENERAL, DEVICE MANAGEMENT, tap on ENTERPRISE APP "MOD2 INC", tap on TRUST "MOD2 INC", then confirm again by tapping on TRUST.


Once the app has been trusted, you can now open your Mod2 app and add the bookmark to connect to your company's Mod2. On the main screen of Mod2, tap on SETTINGS, ADD, then enter your Mod2 credentials in the Email and Password fields.


Click on CONNECT to enjoy all of apps inside the Mod2 Enterprise app.

Hear What Are Clients Say.

  • Author image
    Bob Kamali Owner, Inter Colour, Inc.

    The amount of information that we can get from MOD2 is unimaginable!
    I know it is a big expense but I can tell you that as far as I am concerned, we are more than happy that we made the move. And I am sure that in the long run, this investment will be well worth it.

  • Author image
    David Kerendian Owner, Tower Textile

    MOD2 is a true vertical solution to textile and garment industry. We have used MOD2 for over 12 years and it is the most important element in our business. Without MOD2, our business would have been much more difficult to manage and run. I highly recommend it to anybody in our industry.


Questions and Answers.

Want to know more about Mod2? Read our frequently asked questions portion to see if Mod2 is for you.

Can I use Mod2 for my company?

If you are in the textile or apparel industry and doing importing, converting, or manufacturing, then Mod2 can be of help to your company.

What are the security features?

Mod2 has detailed security features which can be applied to every user within the company. From hiding of cost prices, supplier names, restricting options for changing or voiding of specific transactions, restrict access to reports on certain menus, restricting to only have inventory lookup only, etc. Every user's security access can be modified as to what is needed.

What modules do I need for my company?

The modules in Mod2 depends on which industry your company is in and it is also based on the number of users within the company. Mod2 has a lot of add-on modules that can be installed later on once your company is done with the training stage.

Can I use Mod2 even without a physical server?

The Mod2 software is a Windows based program that needs to be hosted on a server. If your company does not have a server or you do not want to keep a physical server, we provide "Cloud" services wherein we can set up your Mod2 on a "cloud server". Going "cloud" will not only save you the hassle of keeping a physical server on-site, but you also do not have to worry about it's maintenance and upgrade.

Is Mod2 compatible with MACs?

Unfortunately not. However, you can remotely connect to Mod2 via Mod2overweb which uses RDP. You can also acquire Boot Camp so you can have both Mac and Windows on your computer.

Will Mod2 work if I have several offices at different locations?

Yes it will. The Mod2overweb module allows you to connect to your Mod2 from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. This is ideal for companies who have multiple warehouse locations and showrooms not connected to their main office.

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